Understanding Complex Systems: The Future of Interactive Immersive Visualization

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*Please note that this event is by invitation only.

The Business Network Theme Week "Visualizing_Complex_Systems" will be held at the Santa Fe Institute, September 15-19, 2008. This event was previously titled "Visualizing Complex Networks."

Despite vast increases in computing power, data storage, and mathematical sophistication, humans are still the end of the decision chain - the final evaluators of whether or not information is understandable, useable, and timely. Today's complex natural and engineered systems would seem to make the human task impossible, due to their large scale and emergent organization.

New technologies are pointing the way to a revolution in understanding complex systems using interactive, sensory immersive visualization driven by large computing clusters. The technology and entertainment industries are not far behind the sciences, either: from introducing 3D video cameras to the wide-scale upgrading of US movie theaters to screen dozens of 3D movies that Hollywood will complete in the next several years.

The workshop will present real-world complex systems - monitoring and controlling dynamic networks, interactive design of supercomputer simulations for complex systems, markets and the emergence of hidden risk, real-time decision support for natural hazards driving and benefiting from the new technologies. The result will be a forward perspective, giving a picture of what is coming in the next few years to our desktops and local theaters. An interactive immersive visualization system will be available during the workshop to demonstrate some of the new technologies.