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An agent-based model for a pollination network. An evolutionary game theory approach


* Ana Martín González
* Carlos Yepez
* Dirk
* Petr Svarc
* Michael Cox
* Rob Mills


* Meritxell Vinyals


  1. is it possible to produce a model that generates qualitatively similar results to the data?
  2. what type of model produces the best fit?
  3. which parameters/variables are essential in explaining underlying patterns, and are any irrelevant?
  4. please add more here!


We have measured several attributes of both the flowers and the pollinators:

Flowers Pollinators
Floral display (size and color) Size
Energy production Energy demand/consumption
Tube restriction (length/width) Foraging behavior
Floral density Population abundance


Paper with simple model

File:Game Structures in Mutualistic Interactions.pdf