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{{The Role of Variation in Cultural Change}}
{{The Role of Variation in Cultural Change}}
·      Melissa J. Brown, Stanford University
·      Marcus W. Feldman, Stanford University
·      James Truncer, Stanford University
'''Confirmed Participants:'''
·      Robert Boyd, UCLA
·      James Brooks, School for Advanced Research
·      Catherine Cocks, School for Advanced Research
·      Linda Cordell, School for Advanced Research
·      Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University
·      Joshua Epstein, Brookings Institute
·      Jessica Flack, Santa Fe Institute
·      George Gumerman, Santa Fe Institute and School for Advanced Research
·      Barry Hewlett, Washington State University - Vancouver
·      Daniel Hruschka, Santa Fe Institute
·      John Kantner, School for Advanced Research
·      Timothy Kohler, Washington State University, Pullman
·      David Krakauer, Santa Fe Institute
·      J. Stephen Lansing, Santa Fe Institute and University of Arizona
·      Laurent Lehmann, Stanford University
·      Elisabeth Lloyd, Indiana University
·      F. John Odling-Smee, Oxford University
·      Deborah Rogers, Stanford University
·      Walter Scheidel, Stanford University
·      Deborah Winslow, National Science Foundation
·      Henry Wright, University of Michigan

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