The Growing Gap Between our Physical and Social Technologies Speakers Session B

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SFI ACtioN Applied Topical Meeting

August 1 & 8, 2018
Santa Fe, NM

Expected workshop participants on site for Session B (August 8, 2018) include:

Eric Beinhocker - economics
Doyne Farmer - economics and technological change
Fotini Markopoulou – entrepreneur and quantum physicist
Steen Rasmussen - physics and artificial life
Johan Bollen – opinion dynamics
Kate Crowford – artificial intelligence/robotics/ethics *
Drew Endy - synthetic biology *
Carl Frey - economic history with focus on new technologies
Nick Hanauer – entrepreneur and civic activist
Ricardo Hausmann - economic development and policy
Klaus Lackner - carbon capture and sequestration
Lawrence Lessig – law, ethics and writer

  • = invited as of April 22, not yet confirmed