The Growing Gap Between our Physical and Social Technologies

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An SFI ACtioN Applied Topical Meeting

August 1 & 8, 2018
Santa Fe, NM


The growing gap between our physical and social technologies and developing an alternative vision for our future. The widening gap between accelerating technological advancements (“physical technologies”) and lagging cultural structures and institutions (“social technologies”) is causing a variety of complex societal challenges, including the rise of populism, the erosion of the collective perception of objective facts, and increasing inequality. There is a sense of urgency to understand the root causes of these disturbing trends and to offer feasible alternative visions of cultural and technological change that can take us in a better direction.

There will be a two-week scientific workshop on this topic from July 30 through August 10. Two days of the workshop, August 1 and August 8, will be open to the Applied Complexity community. Although the broad topics discussed on both days will be similar, the individual participants will vary. Discussants involved on August 1 can be found here. Discussants involved on August 8 can be found here. Registration is open to SFI Applied Complexity Network members and invited guests only. Please contact for registration information or to learn how to become a Santa Fe Institute Applied Complexity Network member.