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  |'''"Remember, Patents Are (Mainly) Legal Instruments"'''
[ '''Thomas Beach'''], USPTO
   |'''"The Challenge of Recognizing Inventive Novelty"'''
   |'''"The Challenge of Recognizing Inventive Novelty"'''
[ '''Stuart Graham'''], Georgia Institute of Technology
[ '''Stuart Graham'''], Georgia Institute of Technology
  |[ '''Thomas Beach''']

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March 12 – 14, 2018
Santa Fe Institute

Monday, March 12th

8:30am Light Breakfast
9:00am Welcome & Introduction to the Conference (Framing Questions)

José Lobo, Arizona State University

9:35am "The Complexification of Evolution: Innovation Through Inheritance, Development, and Regulation"

David Krakauer, Santa Fe Institute

10:10am Group Discussion I

José Lobo (moderator), Arizona State University

10:35am Midmorning Break
11:00am "The Patenting System as a Historical System"

Zorina Khan, Bowdoin College

11:35am Question Period
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm "Remember, Patents Are (Mainly) Legal Instruments"

Thomas Beach, USPTO

1:35pm "The Challenge of Recognizing Inventive Novelty"

Stuart Graham, Georgia Institute of Technology

2:10pm Discussant: Brendan Tracey, Santa Fe Institute
2:30pm Question Period
3:00pm Midafternoon Break
3:30pm "Quantifying Information in Patents"

Deborah Strumsky, Arizona State University

4:05pm Question Period
4:20pm Group Discussion II
5:00pm Meeting Adjourned

Tuesday, March 13th

8:30am Light Breakfast
9:00am "Advances Are Not Lego Bricks: Insights into Innovation from Computational History"

Simon Dedeo, Carnegie Mellon University & Santa Fe Institute

9:35 a.m. "Patenting as Collective Learning"

James Evans, University of Chicago

10:10am Question Period
10:30am Midmorning Break
10:50am Patenting: The Perspective from Studying Learning

Discussion Lead: Mirta Galesic

12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm "Recognizing Emerging Technologies in the Patent Record"

Jan Youtie, Georgia Institute of Technology

1:35pm "Uncertainty and Invention: How Predictive Can Patents Be?"

Hyejin Youn, Northwestern University

2:10pm Discussant: Feng Bill Shi
2:30pm Question Period
3:00pm Midafternoon Break
3:30pm Group Discussion III
5:00pm Meeting adjourned
5:15pm A shuttle will depart from the Institute to the Hotel Santa Fe
6:15pm Dinner shuttle departs Hotel Santa Fe for Harry’s Roadhouse
6:45pm Group Dinner hosted by SFI President David Krakauer

Harry’s Roadhouse, 96 B Old Las Vegas Highway, Santa Fe

9:00pm Shuttle departs Harry’s Roadhouse for Hotel Santa Fe

Wednesday, March 14th

8:30am Light Breakfast
9:00am "Invention as Cultural Accumulation: Evidence from Patenting"

Andres Gomez, Harvard University

9:35am Question Period
9:55am The Uncertainty of Patenting: The View from IP Management

Robert Cote, Cote Capital

10:30am Midmorning Break
10:50am Group Discussion IV: Forging a New Research Agenda?
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm "Can AI Fix What Is “Broken” with the Patent System?"

Colleen Chien, Santa Clara University School of Law and Peter Harter, The Farrington Group

2:00pm Thomas Beach, USPTO
2:20pm Group Discussion V
3:30pm Final Meeting Adjourned
4:15pm Informal Discussion on Future Research Directions