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*[[The_Complexity_of_Educational_Ecosystems_- Agenda|Agenda]]
*[[The_Complexity_of_Educational_Ecosystems_- Participants|Participants]]
*[[The_Complexity_of_Educational_Ecosystems_- Registration|Registration]]
*[[The_Complexity_of_Educational_Ecosystems_Travel|Travel Information]]
*[[The_Complexity_of_Educational_Ecosystems_- Travel|Travel Information]]

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June 4, 2018
Santa Fe Institute

Learn about visiting SFI & get directions


The temperature in Santa Fe in early June ranges from the mid 80's to the upper 40's. For additional information about Santa Fe, please visit the Santa Fe Visitors Bureau.


Attendees' attire will range from 'Santa Fe Casual' (i.e., nice jeans and a sweater or button-up shirt) to 'Business Casual' - with a few suits and dresses thrown in for good measure!