Systems Biology and the Physical Foundations of Aging

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Systems Biology and Aging

Welcome to the Systems Biology and the Physical Foundations of Aging meeting at the Santa Fe Institute, July 26 -29, 2009.

Please consult this wiki often, as the schedule changes in reflection of the plastic nature of this gathering.

The meaning of it all

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Broader Objectives

One goal of this workshop is to introduce systems biologists to aging research and researchers in aging to systems biology. The challenge of both systems biology and aging research is not only experimental, but also theoretical and conceptual. We need a logical and causal framework for understanding the fundamental limits on the maintenance of living systems and how numerous interacting components at multiple scales achieve - and lose - coherent system behavior. Such a framework should be founded on theory and it should be possible to explore it with models. Our meeting aims at identifying themes in areas of aging-research that are rich with data and for which the systems biology perspective is both useful and necessary.

Intended Outcome

A desirable outcome of the meeting consists in identifying exemplary projects in the systems biology of aging, nucleating collaborations or working groups (which may grow to include people not present at the meeting), and stimulating funding initiatives through a variety of mechanisms.


Since the meeting is exploratory in character, we decided for a highly informal style predicated on ample discussion. Aside from two overview talks, we request that everyone give a 15' (or less) chalk/blackboard talk (absolutely no slides). The rest is discussion.

Thank You!

This meeting has been made possible by contributions from

The National Institute on Aging
The National Science Foundation
The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research
The American Federation for Aging Research
The Santa Fe Institute