Summer School on Global Sustainability-Readings

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Summer School on Global Sustainability

Please note that the Summer School on Global Sustainability-Lectures page may have additional assignments.


The Global Sustainainability Summer School co-directors have recommended the following speech by President Barack Obama as a preface to your time at the program.

Partha Dasgupta

The following papers should be read as supplemental to those lectures given, and for the program at large:

Arnulf Grübler

Dennis Meadows

Please review the Fishbanks Game Manual for Professor Meadows' second lecture on Thursday July 23. Hard copies will be available that day.

Chuck Kutscher

Please read the appendix and "Overview and Summary of the Studies" from the ASES "Tackling Climate Change" report as well as the coal phaseout paper and the column on Concentrating Solar Power.

For those interested, here is the paper by Jim Hansen and his colleagues arguing that atmospheric CO2 must be brought below 350 ppm:

For those interested, student posters from my "Climate Change Solutions" class are on the web at: