Stochastic Thermodynamics II - Confirmed Speakers

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Tutorial Jordan Horowitz University of Michigan
Tutorial Philipp Strasberg Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Tutorial David Wolpert Santa Fe Institute
Physics and Chemistry Todd Gingrich Northwestern University
Physics and Chemistry Gianmaria Falasco University of Luxembourg
Physics and Chemistry Sergio Ciliberto CNRS Lyon
Physics and Chemistry Andre Barato University of Houston
Physics and Chemistry John Bechhoefer Simon Fraser University
Biophysics Felix Ritort University of Barcelona
Biophysics Ralf Eichhorn Nordita
Biophysics Frank Jülicher MPIPKS
Biophysics David Sivak Simon Fraser University
Biophysics Jenny Poulton Imperial College London
Biophysics Saar Rahav Israel Institute of Technology
Biophysics Srividya Iyer-Biswas Purdue University
Active Matter Michael Cates University of Cambridge
Active Matter Thomas Speck University Mainz
Active Matter Nikta Fakhri MIT
Active Matter Cristina Marchetti UC Santa Barbara
Quantum Stochastic Thermodynamics Janet Anders University of Exeter
Quantum Stochastic Thermodynamics Sebastian Deffner University of Maryland
Quantum Stochastic Thermodynamics Eric Lutz Stuttgart University
Quantum Stochastic Thermodynamics Nicole Yunger Halpern ITAMP
Quantum Stochastic Thermodynamics Jukka Pekola Aalto University
Information Theory Sun-Ichi Sasa Kyoto University
Information Theory Edgar Roldán ICTP
Information Theory Vijay Balasubramanian University of Pensylvania
Information Theory Susanne Still University of Hawaii
Information Theory Andreas Dechant Kyoto University