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*[[Stochastic_Thermodynamics_II _-_Programme|Programme]]
*[[Stochastic_Thermodynamics_II _-_Programme|Programme]]
*[ Agenda]
*[[Stochastic_Thermodynamics_II _-_Confirmed Speakers|Speakers]]
*[[Stochastic_Thermodynamics_II _-_Confirmed Speakers|Speakers]]
*[[Stochastic_Thermodynamics_II _-_Register|Register]]
*[[Stochastic_Thermodynamics_II _-_Register|Register]]

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Meeting description: Stochastic thermodynamics has revolutionized our understanding of far-from-equilibrium statistical physics over the last few decades and continues to result in profound, powerful results ranging from fluctuation theorems over speed-limit theorems to thermodynamic uncertainty relations. We feel that the time is ripe for an annual workshop focusing on this fast-developing field, both its theoretical and experimental aspects, and its application to other fields of research. We held the first such workshop recently at the Complexity Science Hub in Vienna, and it was a great success:

Building on that success, the second Workshop on Stochastic Thermodynamics (WOST II) will begin with a day of tutorials next May 13, to be followed by presentations May 17 - May 21. This workshop will be held entirely online, as was the recent WOST I. With this new series of online workshops, we aim to give a wide-ranging cross-section of the stochastic thermodynamics community a platform to present and discuss their current research. As part of this, and next to our high-profile list of invited speakers, we especially welcome junior researchers to submit their work for 10min lightning talks.

Important dates:

Duration of workshop: May 17-May 21, 2021

Submission deadline of abstracts for lightning talks: January 31, 2021

Author notification: March 1, 2021

Scope: The workshop's primary aim is to have a wide-ranging cross-section of the stochastic thermodynamics community present their current research in one forum. The main topics of the workshop include applications of stochastic thermodynamics to:

  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Biophysics
  • Active matter
  • Quantum thermodynamics
  • Information processing and computation

Mission: The mission of the workshop is to:

  • To promote the field of stochastic thermodynamics to a broad range of scientists
  • To foster collaboration on stochastic thermodynamics research among communities
  • To encourage early-career researchers in the dissemination of their results
  • To support academics from underrepresented groups working in the field of stochastic thermodynamics or related fields

Invited speakers: The full list of invited speakers can be found here.

Tutorial speakers: Jordan Horowitz (Introduction to ST), Phillip Strasberg (quantum ST), David Wolpert (ST of computation)

Colloquium speakers: Todd Gingrich (physics & chemistry), Felix Ritort (biophysics), Michael Cates (active matter), Janet Anders (quantum ST), Shin-ichi Sasa (information theory)

Call for Lightning talks: We encourage students and early-career researchers to submit a 1-page abstract of their lightning talk. The lightning talks will be 10-minute presentations of the recent results focusing specifically on the fast-developing field of stochastic thermodynamics (both theoretical and experimental aspects) and applications to other research fields. More information and the way how to submit the abstract can be found here.

Christopher Jarzynski
Gülce Kardeş
Jan Korbel
Velimir Ilic
Tom Ouldridge
Jenny Poulton
Saar Rahav
Udo Seifert
Cigdem Yalcin
David Wolpert
Henrik Wilming