Simulating and analyzing biochemical networks with COPASI

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Some of you may be interested in biochemical networks and how to simulate and analyze them. You can do that easily without coding anything in C++ or other languages by just using the free software system COPASI. I am thinking of giving an introduction into COPASI, which would cover input and editing of biochemical reaction networks, deterministic and stochastic simulation and some analysis methods.

The tutorial slides.

If you are interested in that calcium model I showed you, let me know and I will send it to you (Juergen).

See also: S. Hoops, S. Sahle, R. Gauges, C. Lee, J. Pahle, N. Simus, M. Singhal, L. Xu, P. Mendes and U. Kummer (2006) COPASI - a COmplex PAthway SImulator. Bioinformatics 22(24), 3067-3074

Interested people please sign up here:

  • I am definitely interested - Chris
  • sounds interesting -Will L.
  • I am in - Gregor
  • I'm in. Monika
  • sounds great, I am in. - Yuping Zhang