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'''SFI ACtioN Topical Meeting<br />'''
'''SFI ACtioN Topical Meeting<br />'''
Co-organzied by GV
Co-hosted by GV

'''April 25, 2019'''<br />
'''April 25, 2019'''<br />

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SFI ACtioN Topical Meeting
Co-hosted by GV

April 25, 2019
Held at GV, 1489 Charleston Rd, Mountain View, CA 94043

Building 1489
1489 Charleston Rd
Mountain View, CA 94043

Hotel Recommendations
SFI recommends Hotel Avante and Dinah's Garden Hotel. Each of these hotels is under 5 miles from GV and provides shuttle service to GV's campus.

Air Travel
The nearest major airport is Mineta San Jose International (SJC). SJC is located 9.7 miles from Hotel Avante, 13 miles from Dinah's Garden Hotel, and less than 11 miles from GV.

Ground Transportation
Complimentary shuttles are available for transportation between GV and each of SFI's recommended hotels. Taxi fares between SJC Airport and SFI's recommended hotels are approximately $50.00-$60.00

The dress code for this meeting is business casual.