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(David Krakauer)
(David Krakauer)
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==David Krakauer==
==David Krakauer==
[[ Personal Website]]
[ Personal Website]<br>
[ Nautilus Interview]<br>
==Scott Page==
==Scott Page==

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Melanie Mitchell

Complexity: A Guided Tour
How Can the Study of Complexity Transform Our Understanding of the World?

W. Brian Arthur

The End of Certainty in Economics
Complexity Economics: A Different Framework for Economic Thought
All Systems will be Gamed: Exploitive Behavior in Economic and Social Systems

Rob Axtell

Aligning Simulation Models: A Case Study and Results
Understanding Anasazi Culture Change Through Agent-Based Modeling
Growing Artificial Societies: Social Science From the Bottom Up (Complex Adaptive Systems)

Aaron Clauset

Power-Law Distributions in Empirical Data
Hierarchical Structure and the Prediction of Missing Links in Networks
The Evolution and Distribution of Species Body Size
On the Frequency of Severe Terrorist Events

Mirta Galesic

Social Learning in Complex Networks
Stereotypes about Men's and Women's Institutions

David Krakauer

Personal Website
Nautilus Interview

Scott Page

Individual Learning and Collective Intelligence
Aggregation in Agent-Based Models of Economics
Emergent Cultural Signatures and Persistent Diversity: A Model of Conformity and Consistency
Some Microfoundations of Collective Wisdom

Rajiv Sethi

Market Ecology and the Economics of Crisis
Inside Money, Procyclical Leverage, and Banking Catastrophes
A Remark on Color-Blind Affirmative Action
Homicide in Black and White

Deborah Strumsky

Invention as a Combinatorial Process: Evidence from U.S. Patents
The Systematic Structure and Predictability of Urban Business Diversity
Patterns of Innovation and the Role of Innovation Hubs
Metropolitan Innovation Firm Size and Business Survival in a High-Tech Industry

Geoffrey West

Life's Universal Scaling Laws
Growth, Innovation, Scaling and the Pace of Life in Cities