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We will be holding interest group meetings on Wednesday, January 6 from 4:30-6:30pm these can manifest in two ways:

1. You can meet with a small group to discuss a specific topic, email with potential topics for discussion groups and to sign up for topics
2. Or you can use this time to have an in-depth one-on-one meeting with a participant that is of interest to you (I will distribute a participant list)

Please submit interest group topics before 12:00pm Wednesday, January 6. We will post sign up sheets over lunch on the 6th.

Interest Group Meetings

Global Geopolitics

Discussion Topic: Global geopolitics and the variables that are having an impact on economic theory using complexity theory (special interest on China, third world developing countries, Russia, the Middle East)
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Eric Nelson, Faye Lincoln

History as a Complex Systems

Discussion Topic: History understood as a social system using complexity theory (special interest on ancient Middle Eastern history, western european history, holocaust history, today's Middle Eastern politics)
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Faye Lincoln

Complex Systems and International Relations and Security

Discussion Topic: Applied complexity theory in international relations and security studies.
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Matthew Felice

ABM in Social Science

Discussion Topic: Agent-based modeling for social sciences
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Matthew Felice

Complex Systems and crime/terrorism

Discussion Topic: Complexity theory and counter-terrorism and counter-crime strategy.
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Matthew Felice

Complex Systems and political economy

Discussion Topic: Complexity theory for international political economy, with a focus on national energy production, consumption, and international energy trade.
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Harinamsimran Khalsa, Matthew Felice

Complex Systems and Cities

Discussion Topic: Cities, energy production, and national competitiveness / international competition. (especially whether Dr. Geoffrey West's work in this field is being applied or is applicable to comparison of nations.)
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Matthew Felice

Limits of computation over complex systems

Discussion Topic: The formal limits of computation over complex systems, like computational irreducibility and undecidability, and how that affects our research program as social scientists.
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Abigail Devereaux

Emergent Learning

Discussion Topic: Understanding the role of emerging learning as related to the theory and practice of learning; including engineering education, socio-technical systems, cognitive psychology, learning from games, digital curriculum, data analytics, blended learning, social networks and distributed cognition.
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Michael Richey

Complexity Economics

a) Complexity economics in business education and
b) Complexity management and organizational design.
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Andrey Shovkoplyas

Complexity in projects and in project management

Complexity in projects and in project management. I would like to meet academics studying it or similar topics (complexity in management issues) and business people working in engineering/construction companies that are interested in studying their building projects from complexity point-of-view.
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Elena Pessot

Financial sector as a complex system.

The financial sector as a complex system. Various sizes of players, interaction, dependencies, etc.
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: Jurgen Spaanderman, George Levasser


Frameworks that describe how competitive CO's can develop collaborative processes that allow participants to generate beneficial network effects.
Meeting Area Designation:
Interested: JD