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The Unrestricted Creativity Projects are meant to introduce participants into the wonderful world of trans-disciplinary collaboration. Participants will break into small groups of ~5 and work on a question related to innovation and invention. These ideas come from you are boundless and can take any form (e.g scientific, artistic, business, technological etc.). There is no pressure to invent the next big thing, this is purely a fun and experimental exercise in creativity. I would like you to choose the discussion topics based on your interests, so have fun with this!

Action Item: If you would like to propose a topic for a project please email a short (1-2 sentence) description of your question or challenge.

On the afternoon of day one we will break up (based on interest) into groups to work on these ideas.

Project Ideas:

1. Humans are increasingly dependent upon opaque, massive networks and data stores, giving amazing amounts of unchecked power to a small number of people and exposing us to extreme risks. As we continue to upload more and more to these systems, what innovations will prevent the loss of our basic rights under these conditions? - Matthew Scharpnick
2. Working across disciplines and organizational boundaries gives us different ways of viewing things. How can we stimulate innovation, and new levels of performance across distributed networks? - Ricky Utting