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'''George Levasser''', Emergent LLC <br>
'''George Levasser''', Emergent LLC <br>
'''Greg Blythe''', Hewlett-Packard <br>
'''Greg Blythe''', Hewlett-Packard <br>
'''James Baker, Media Stories'''<br>
'''James Baker,''' Media Stories <br>
'''Jean Campbell,''' MITRE <br>  
'''Jean Campbell,''' MITRE <br>  
'''João Machado,''' Dynamo <br>
'''João Machado,''' Dynamo <br>

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The SFI short course aims to provide an intimate experience, enrollment is very limited and is first come first serve.


Aaron Frank, Singularity University
Andrew Tollefson, Network Architect, City Of San Antonio
Bradley Morris, Leggett and Platt
Cox Media, Cox Media
David Lojudice,Sprinklr
Donald A. Gooding, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development
John R. Dickinson, Sandia National Laboratories
Fernando Santos, Dynamo
George Levasser, Emergent LLC
Greg Blythe, Hewlett-Packard
James Baker, Media Stories
Jean Campbell, MITRE
João Machado, Dynamo
Justin Williams, University of North Texas
Katherine Collins, Honeybee Capital
Kyle Shank, CLEAResult
Leonardo Pabon, Head of Web/API Products at Concrete Solutions
Matthew Scharpnick
Michael Collins, Collins Capital/ Santa Fe Institute
Michael Jeffers, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mike Taylor, Steelcase
Monty McCollum,Cox Media
Namita Patel, Air Force
Patrick Welsh, PwC
Ricky Utting, NZ Treasury
Rogelio De los Santos, Tec de Monterrey
Ross Buhrdorf, Santa Fe Institute Trustee
Steve Lewis, POET
Toby Shannan, Shopify
Will Tracy, Santa Fe Institute VP for Strategic Partnerships