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'''Greg Blythe''', Hewlett-Packard <br>
'''Greg Blythe''', Hewlett-Packard <br>
'''Katherine Collins''', Honeybee Capital, [ Website] <br>
'''Katherine Collins''', Honeybee Capital, [ Website] <br>
'''Michael Jeffers''', Georgia Institute of Technology - Graduate Education: Georgia Institute of Technology Master of Science History of Technology Atlanta, GA Anticipated Graduation: August, 2016 Cumulative GPA: 3.66 Drexel University: Master of Science Science, Technology, and Society Philadelphia, PA Graduated September, 2014 Cumulative GPA: 3.60 Undergraduate Education: Drexel University Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering Philadelphia, PA Concentration in Biomechanics Magna Cum Laude<br>  
'''Michael Jeffers''', Georgia Institute of Technology <br>  
'''Steve Lewis''', POET <br>
'''Steve Lewis''', POET <br>

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The SFI short course aims to provide an intimate experience, enrollment is very limited and is first come first serve.


Donald A. Gooding, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development
Dylan Bryant, Sandia National Laboratories
George Levasse, Emergent LLC
Greg Blythe, Hewlett-Packard
Katherine Collins, Honeybee Capital, Website
Michael Jeffers, Georgia Institute of Technology
Steve Lewis, POET