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== Santa Fe Institute-NREL Workshop ==
'''Catalyzing Change in the Global Energy System'''
'''Catalyzing Change in the Global Energy System'''

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Catalyzing Change in the Global Energy System

January 9-11, 2007

BACKGROUND: A group of world-renowned scientists and energy experts met in January 2007 to discuss what type of energy (and perhaps, more broadly, general economic) infrastructure will be sustainable in 100 years. Hosted by the Santa Fe Institute, the meetings aimed to answer a few fundamental questions: Given long-lived infrastructure and competing drivers for change in the energy sector, how might our energy (food or other goods) economy evolve during the next 100 years? And what scale(s) will emerge as truly sustainable solutions? This core team helped to define the vision and possible pathways for continued research. Below is a list of attendees, the agenda, and presentations from the workshop. A summary will be posted soon.

List of Attendees (PDF 40 KB)

Agenda (Presentations)

The following presentations in this section are PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

January 9

Workshop goals (PDF 12 KB): D. Schrag and D. Arent

Session 1. - Discussion leader: Dan Arvizu

Overview of energy technologies, markets, and environmental impacts: Envisioning a sustainable energy future

  • Catalyzing Change in the Global Energy System (PDF 12.5 MB) Dan Arvizu, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Energy Goals: Security, Economy, Environment (PDF 1.1 MB) Daniel Schrag, Harvard University
  • Envisioning a Sustainable Energy Future (PDF 3.3 MB) Dan Kammen, Berkeley Institute of the Environment

Session 2. - Discussion leader: J. Trancik

Technological change in the energy sector: Learning curves, lock-in and the role of public policies

  • Energy Scenarios Aiming for Low CO2 Targets by Year 2100 (PDF 2.1 MB) Kristian Lindgren, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Public Energy RD&D Trends and Data (PDF 180 KB) Kelly Sims Gallagher, Harvard University
  • Some Considerations about Technology Not available for download W. Brian Arthur, Santa Fe Institute

January 10

Session 3. - Discussion leader: R. Gupta

Energy markets, structure and dynamics

  • Energy Market Structure and Dynamics: A Brief Overview (PDF 412 KB) Arnold Baker, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Carbon Markets: Clean Energy Evolution in California, the US, and Developing Nations (PDF 2.4 MB) Dan Kammen, Berkeley Institute of the Environment

Session 4. - Discussion leader: D. Farmer

Energy economics and finance: Social goods and managing uncertainty

  • Energy Economics and Finance: Social Goods and Managing Uncertainity (PDF 1.0 MB) Thomas Lyon, University of Michigan
  • Electricity Markets: How They Work, Why They Fail, and How to Make Them Benefit Consumers and the Environment (PDF 456 KB) Frank Wolak, Stanford University

January 11

Session 5. - Discussion leader: D. Farmer

Complex Systems Modeling: Application to energy markets and decision-making.

  • Climate Modeling of the 20th and 21st Centuries (PDF 628 KB) Warren Washington, NCAR
  • Toward Optiomal Use of Biomass in Addressing Climate Change, Oil Supply Insecurity, and Biodiversity Concerns (PDF 1.0 MB) Robert Williams, Princeton University
  • A Prespective from Biology, Scaling and Networks (PDF 3.1 MB) Jim Brown, University of New Mexico

Session 6.

Review of critical issues, summary and next steps