Research Experiences for Undergraduates 2016-SFI Rules

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Research Experiences for Undergraduates 2016

Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy and Agreement
The SFI community members include SFI employees, contractors, interns, students, and visitors. It is the policy of SFI to promote a productive work environment for all members of this community. SFI doesnot tolerate any conduct or behavior by any member that harasses, disrupts, or interferes with another member’s work performance or that creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment, including those that are in violation of state or federal non-discrimination laws.

Harassment prohibited by law consists of unwelcome conduct, whether verbal, physical, or visual, that is based upon a member’s protected status, such as sex, color, race, ancestry, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation or gender identification, physical handicap, medical condition, disability, veteran status, or any other protected status under the applicable state or federal laws. Prohibited harassment includes sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome conduct, verbal or physical, of a sexual nature in which (1) submission to or rejection of this conduct by a member is used as a factor in decisions affecting hiring, evaluation, promotion, or other aspects of employment; or (2) the conduct substantially interferes with a member’s employment or creates an intimidating hostile or offensive work environment. Such harassment may take many forms, including:

• verbal conduct such a epithets, jokes based on ethnicity or gender, derogatory comments, foul or obscene language, slurs or unwanted sexual advances, sexual invitations, sexual propositions or sexual comments, or kidding, teasing or practical jokes with such sexual overtones;
• visual conduct such as derogatory posters, cartoons, drawings, displays on computer screens, or gestures;
• physical conduct such as unwanted touching, groping, or pinching, assault, blocking normal movement, invading personal space, or other interference with another member;
• threats or demands or requests that a member submit to sexual requests in order to maintain employment or contract, or avoid some other loss, and offers of job benefits in return for sexual favors; and
• retaliation for having reported any harassment or participating in an investigation of any harassment. Harassment is prohibited in SFI’s office or in other work-related settings such as business trips and business-related social events.

Any member who feels he or she is being harassed or discriminated against, or who is aware of harassment or discrimination against others, shall report it immediately either orally or in writing to the employee’s immediate supervisor, any other supervisor, Human Resources, the Vice President, the President, or any Board member. A report of alleged harassment will be shared only with those individuals having a need to know including those in Human Resources who may be involved in investigating any report. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extend possible, consistent with the need to conduct the investigation and take remedial action. Such investigation will be undertaken promptly. In its investigation, SFI will consider the totality of the circumstances, the nature of the conduct, and the context in which the alleged conduct occurred. If harassment and/or discrimination are found to have occurred, appropriate remedial action up to and including termination of employment or contract or dismissal from an SFI program will be undertaken promptly.

Any member who violates this policy is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or contract. No member will be retaliated against for good faith reporting of harassment or discrimination or participating in a related investigation. Any member who believes he or she has been subjected to retaliation should report such retaliation immediately in the same manner as any report of harassment or discrimination. If retaliation is found to have occurred, appropriate remedial action up to and including termination will be undertaken promptly.

SFI does not tolerate, condone, or allow harassment by employees, contractors, visitors, interns, fellows, vendors, or other non-employees who conduct business with or are otherwise involved with SFI.