Randomness, Structure and Causality - Bios

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Name Email Institution Talk Paper
Ay, Nihat SFI & Max Planck Institute
Bell, Tony UC Berkeley
Bergstrom, Carl SFI & University of Washington
Bialek, William wbialek@Princeton.EDU Princeton University
Chaitin, Gregory IBM Watson Research Center To a mathematical theory of evolution and biological creativity File:Darwin.pdf
Crutchfield, James SFI & UC Davis
Debowski, Lukasz Polish Academy of Sciences The Vocabulary of Grammar-Based Codes and the Logical Consistency of Texts [[1]] and [[2]]
Ellison, Christopher UC Davis Prediction, Retrodiction, and the Amount of Information Stored in the Present
Feldman, David College of the Atlantic Spatial Information Theory
Goldenfeld, Nigel University of Illinois
Mahoney, John UC Merced Information Acessibility
Machta, Jon SFI & University of Massachusetts
Mitchell, Melanie SFI & Portland State University
Still, Suzanne University of Hawaii at Manoa Interactive Learning
Tononi, Guilio University of Michigan
Vilela-Mendes, Rui University of Lisbon
Trabesinger, Andreas Nature Physics Magazine
Wiesner, Karoline University of Bristol