Randomness, Structure and Causality - Bios

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Name Email Institution Talk Paper
Ay, Nihat SFI & Max Planck Institute Effective Complexity of Stationary Process Realizations [[1]]
Bell, Tony UC Berkeley Learning Out of Equilibrium
Bergstrom, Carl SFI & University of Washington Measures of Biological Communication
Bialek, William wbialek@Princeton.EDU Princeton University
Chaitin, Gregory IBM Watson Research Center To a Mathematical Theory of Evolution and Biological Creativity File:Darwin.pdf
Crutchfield, James SFI & UC Davis Framing Complexity [[2]]
Debowski, Lukasz Polish Academy of Sciences The Vocabulary of Grammar-Based Codes and the Logical Consistency of Texts [[3]] and [[4]]
Ellison, Christopher UC Davis Prediction, Retrodiction, and the Amount of Information Stored in the Present [[5]]
Feldman, David College of the Atlantic Spatial Information Theory File:Afm.tri.5.pdf and File:CHAOEH184043106 1.pdf
Goldenfeld, Nigel University of Illinois Comments on Causality
Mahoney, John UC Merced Crypticity and Information Accessibility [[6]]
Machta, Jon SFI & University of Massachusetts Complexity, Parallel Computation and Statistical Physics [[7]]
Mitchell, Melanie SFI & Portland State University Automatic Identification of Information-Processing Structures in Cellular Automata
Still, Suzanne University of Hawaii at Manoa Statistical Mechanics of Interactive Learning
Tononi, Guilio University of Michigan Measuring the Complexity of Psychological States
Vilela-Mendes, Rui University of Lisbon Ergodic Parameters and Dynamical Complexity [[8]]
Trabesinger, Andreas Nature Physics Magazine Measuring Complexity? [[9]]
Wiesner, Karoline University of Bristol Hidden Quantum Markov Models and Non-adaptive Read-out of Many-body States [[10]]