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(Gaetano's white rabbit Ford)
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Beer: Usama (bought 2 seasonal 12-bottle packs)
Beer: Usama (bought 2 seasonal 12-bottle packs)
Gaetano (more beer)
Beverages: Moriah
Beverages: Moriah

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Complex Systems Summer School 2016

Farm Party! Barbecue! Bonfire! Maybe Fireworks! 6-10pm.

We'll need a bit of self-organization to get this started: Throw in if you feel like bringing something to the party and use this page to organize efforts.



JP'S "I Can't Believe How Cool This Car Is" GTI

  1. JP: bratwurst, tortillas, green chile, grilling supplies
  2. Lars (bringing soft drinks, meat)
  3. Evelyn
  4. Anjali
  5. Scott

JP's BattleWagon 4Runner (5 seats)

  1. Dan (can drive, have US car insurance)
  2. Catriona
  3. Andy M
  4. Jesús
  5. Rana

MITREMobile (subject to approval from James, Anne and Will)

  1. Ellen (DD)
  2. Pinar
  3. Mark
  4. Salva
  5. Anne

Lauren's red subaru

  1. Marillia
  2. Asher
  3. Usama
  4. Harrison

Carla's Car (Sam will arrive by moto)*

  1. Carla: burgers, buns and salad
  2. Ben
  3. Moriah
  4. Jacob (As I am small, I would be willing to move to the middle back seat if necessary)
  5. Ruichen

Jeff's Legacy

  1. Jeff
  2. Christine
  3. Ryan
  4. Hamza
  5. Lorraine

Mario's Car

  1. Mario
  2. Juste
  3. Marius
  4. Joris
  5. Donovan

Marla's Chevy

  1. Marla
  2. Lindsay
  3. Abby
  4. Will

Frank's car

  1. Frank
  2. Nicole
  3. Santiago
  4. Chris
  5. Will H

Andy's Subaru (with the red dice)

5 can fit if needed...

  1. Andy C
  2. Sina
  3. Mika Straka
  4. Will
  5. Julia

Gaetano's white rabbit Ford

  1. Gaetano
  2. Gloria

Still Needs A Ride


Meat-ish things

Meat: Mika

Bratwurst: JP

Hamburgers / Buns: Carla

Veggie-ish things

Veggie patties: Marla

Some sort of salad: Marla

Salad: Nicole

Green Salad: Carla

Dessert-y things

Desserts like maybe a couple tacky 4th-themed cakes: Abby

Fruit (including a watermelon): Ellen and Moriah

Smores: Salva

Pies, berries and ice cream: Lauren, Marilia, Andy, Usama

Snack-y things

Tortillas: JP

High-class cheese and snacks: Ellen and Moriah

Cracker: Rana

Will will chip in!

Drink-y things

Beer: Usama (bought 2 seasonal 12-bottle packs) Gaetano (more beer)

Beverages: Moriah

Some wine: Marla

Some more wine: Jacob

Some wine: Rana

Some wine: Sina


Grilling supplies: JP

Charcoal: Dan

Fireworks: Catriona