Rajani R. Shenoy

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Main Interests

I am a lead modeling & simulation engineer at the MITRE Corporation. Previously, I worked as a systems engineer, to interoperate constructive simulations. More recently, I have turned my attention to analysis of complex systems. Currently, I am implementing a toolkit in MATLAB to understand the power law behavior and fractal signature of complex systems. I also work in model formulation and subsequent analysis of agent based models to understand the complex nature of agent interactions and the dynamics of the simulated system as a whole.


I have a strong systems engineering and analysis background with degrees in Operations Research (Cornell, 2004) and Industrial Engineering (Georgia Tech, 2006). I mostly work with MATLAB.


I want to improve my understanding of complex systems and expand my understanding of analytical techniques that can be applied to complex systems. I also look forward to determining how theory can be applied to real world, sponsor-relevant problems. I am looking forward to meeting new people, and working as a team!

Possible Projects

More to follow! :-)