Rainer Stollhoff

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Rainer Stollhoff


Since you made it that far and weren't alienated by the wonderfull picture, I should probably start introducing myself.

My name is Rainer Stollhoff, currently I'm working as a PhD student in Mathematics at the Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, Germany.

The topic of my thesis is "Mathematical Modelling of Prosopagnosia". Prosopagnosia or faceblindness is the inability to identify other people by their faces (see [1] or [2]). Since this is a rather applied and interdisciplinary topic - at least for a mathematician - I can not name any research focus, but only give a list of buzzwords related to my current research: Artificial Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Connectionist Modelling, Computational Neuroscience, ...

During the last weeks I tried my very best to learn a bit of chinese and I'd be glad if some of you are willing and patient enough to teach me more about the chinese language, culture and history.