Principles of Repurposing

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Welcome to the wiki for our workshop, Principles of Repurposing. The workshop is scheduled to run for three days, from Monday, July 14 through Wednesday, July 16. If you are participating in the meeting, please feel free to create a login ID for the wiki, and to add whatever material or information you think might be of interest to the other participants.

As we receive materials from the participants (including talk titles, abstracts, and background reading), we will post them on various pages of the wiki. By Wednesday, July 9, we hope to have a draft schedule for the meeting, which will be available on the "Agenda" page.

Please note that the wiki has a "discussion" functionality, which I think can be accessed even without creating a login ID. If you have any points that you would like to raise before the meeting, please feel free to post things here.

In general, remember that this is YOUR workshop, and YOUR wiki. Don't be shy about adding things and making changes.