Playlist submissions for Dance

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015

1. Wrecking Ball, by August Burns Red (spotify:track:7kkRhGDCAVd5YVoieTChxG)
2. ... Baby One More Time, by August Burns Red (spotify:track:6C06UooIUOVLNEpr7HFl7D)
3. Survivor,by Betraying the Martyrs (spotify:track:4bNBRfeQN2d5rWuBAOxZ50)
4. Are you with me - radio edit, by Lost Frequencies (spotify:track:6CO2dTjTIXVJoBHPEN6Qcg)
5. We have it all, by Pennywise (spotify:track:01kc2ZJFgrXpLiWDhjY5zL)
6. A day to remember, by Authority Zero (spotify:track:0xsyovSsrfBPlxw3whvwAH)
7. Reach for the sky, by Social Distortion (spotify:track:17OLUsQ49x9a3YTRCt9Ita)