Pavel Senin

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Complex Systems Summer School 2016


Pavel Senin, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Pavel Senin is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Bioscience Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he designs algorithms for comparative metagenomics. Pavel graduated with PhD in Software Engineering from the ICS department of UH Manoa, where he worked at the Collaborative Software Development Laboratory (CSDL) under supervision of Prof. Philip M. Johnson. He is originally from Krasnyi Luch, a city in Eastern Ukraine. Before studying at UH, he received an MS in Applied Mathematics from SFedU, Russia.

During his time at UH Manoa he worked at ASGPB where he assembled the Transgenic Papaya Genome and annotated a representative of Verrucomicrobia phylum; he also received a practical training from JGI at LANL, where he participated in the pioneering single-cell genome sequencing research project. At CSDL Pavel was involved in the Hackystat project, where he worked on the problem of software process discovery. He developed a novel technique for time series classification and proposed a framework for software process characteristic recurrent behaviors discovery and ranking. When not mining software repositories, Pavel tinkers with Arduino sensors — a project that led to the development of a novel approach for the discovery of spatio-temporal anomalies.