Out of the box thinking touching tomorrows world with todays science 2015 - Readings 2015

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Program Director

Sander Bais, Program Director

Lijst van boeken met SFI faculty als auteurs.
Background “classic” literature on complexity science
In Praise of Science
The Equations: Icons of Knowledge


Ellen Bradbury-Reid
Interview with Voices of the Manhattan Project

Mirta Galesic
Social Learning in Complex Networks
Social Sampling Explains Apparent Biases in Judgments of Social Environments

Stephen Guerin
Emergence of Constraint in Self-Organizing Systems
Using Computer Games to Simulate Real-World Complex Problems

Paul Hines
Dynamic Modeling of Cascading Failure in Power Systems
Reducing Cascading Failure Risk by Increasing Infrastructure Network Interdependency
Understanding early indicators of critical transitions in power systems from autocorrelation functions

Melanie Mitchell
Complexity: A Guided Tour
How Can the Study of Complexity Transform Our Understanding of the World?

Sam Scarpino
Fighting Ebola with Math

Porter Swentzell
Video Presentation at MIAC 2012

Geoffrey West
Life's Universal Scaling Laws
Growth, Innovation, Scaling and the Pace of Life in Cities

David Wolpert, Game Theory
Prediction of Technology Evolution
No Free Lunch Theorems for Optimization
Information Theory and Observational Limitations in Decision Making

Faculty: BNet Smyposium

Kevin Allison, Reuters Breakingviews and Santa Fe Institute Journalism Fellow
Why oil investors are so behind the curve
Tech drive strips old-school car makers of clout
Brazi's epic water crisis a global wake-up call

Wences Casares, Xapo
Wences Casares: The Bitcoin-Obsessed Serial Entrepreneur
Interview with Business Insider
Meet the man building the Fort Knox of bitcoin

Jordan Greenhall, Backfeed, and Swell, Inc.
Video Interview
On Medium

Bill Miller, SFI Chairman Emeritus, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, LMM, LLC

Jim Rutt, Proteus Foundation and Santa Fe Institute Trustee
Minimum Necessary Radicalism (video)
The Feast Interview (video)

Peter Van Valkenburgh, Coin Center
Bitlicense: It's not just for New Yorkers
The 325-year-old company that's learning about bitcoin