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Working Group Navigation

Networks and Navigation Working Group, August 4-6, 2008, Santa Fe NM

Joint with UCSD's Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis

Organizers: Aaron Clauset (SFI), Dmitri Krioukov (CAIDA), kc claffy (CAIDA) and Cris Moore (UNM & SFI)


Marian Boguna, University of Barcelona

kc claffy, CAIDA/UCSD

Aaron Clauset, SFI

Luca Dall'Asta, International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy

Pierre Fraigniaud, Universite Paris Diderot, France

Dmitri Krioukov, CAIDA/UCSD

Filippo Menczer, Indiana University

Cristopher Moore, SFI & UNM

Mariangeles Serrano, Indiana University

Zoltan Toroczkai, Notre Dame University