Navigating Music, Brain and The Edge of Chaos

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015

Data and Questions

The goals of this project include

  1. Evaluate and purchase a wearable EEG
  2. Set up the instrumentation for data capture
  3. Set up the experimentation/data-capture plan
  4. Recruit Subjects
  5. Perform Data Capture
  6. Analyze Results
  7. Propose pathways to take this to the market by embedding it as an app

Possible method References:

  1. Hacking Your Brain Waves: Wearable Meditation Headsets:
  2. Measure your brainwaves and modify your mind:
  3. This wearable device reads your brain waves. Is there a market for it?:
  4. Your-brain-is-on-the-brink-of-chaos:
  5. Two Decades of Search for Chaos in Brain:
  6. How You Are Who You Are--in Chaos Theory:
  7. Diana Dabby Links:
  8. Diana Dabby Links:
  9. Liz Bradley/Diana Dabby Links:
  10. Music and the Brain:
  11. Why Music Moves Us:
  12. Measuring musical expressivity:
  13. The World In Six Songs:
  14. This-Your-Brain-Music-Obsession:
  15. World-Six-Songs:
  16. Computer Music and the Importance of Fractals, Chaos, and Complexity Theory:
  17. The_Complexity_of_Songs:
  18. Stefan-Koelsch Papers:
  19. Grammar Based Music Composition:

Four principles of bio-musicology, W. Tecumseh Fitch 2015
This paper is a prospectus for biomusical research. Main points:
i) musical is complex (yes!)
ii) questions must be asked from a Tinbergean perspective (i.e. mechanism, ontogeny, phylogeny and function),
iii) comparative between animals (not relevant for us), and
iiii) "ecologically motivated," i.e. not just Western skilled musicians.

Neurological implications and neuropsychological considerations on folk music and dance, Sironi V.A., Riva M.A., 2015
Calls for "Interdisciplinary research on these subjects (ethnomusicology and cultural anthropology, clinical neurology and dynamic psychology, neuroradiology and neurophysiology, and socioneurology and neuromusicology)"