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[[Media:2011RobustnessChapter2_05_31_11.pdf‎ |Robustness Reading 1]]
[[Media:2011RobustnessChapter2_05_31_11.pdf‎ |Robustness in biological and social systems]]

[[Media:Ackleyrobust.pdf‎ |Robustness Reading 2]]
[[Media:Ackleyrobust.pdf‎ |Pursue robust indefinite scalability]]

[[Media:Ackleyrobustnessneumann.pdf‎ |Robustness Reading 3]]
[[Media:Ackleyrobustnessneumann.pdf‎ |The general and logical theory of automata]]

[[Media:AyFlackKrakauer2007.pdf‎ |Robustness Reading 4]]
[[Media:AyFlackKrakauer2007.pdf‎ |Robustness and complexity co-constructed
in multimodal signalling networks]]

[[Media:ErrorAttackNature(2000).pdf‎ |Robustness Reading 5]]
[[Media:ErrorAttackNature(2000).pdf‎ |Error and attack tolerance
of complex networks]]

[[Media:Flackniche.pdf‎ |Robustness Reading 6]]
[[Media:Flackniche.pdf‎ |
Policing stabilizes construction of social
niches in primate]]

[[Media:KrakauerAyRobust.pdf |Robustness Reading 7]]
[[Media:KrakauerAyRobust.pdf |
Geometric robustness theory and biological network]]

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