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Complex Systems Summer School 2011 Modules

Organized by Simon DeDeo and James O'Dwyer


For the upcoming Emergence module, there will be two options at the practical Tuesday afternoon:

1. for those who have group projects that they are excited about, James and I will join in discussions about how concepts and tools from the lectures can be usefully applied.

2. for those who want focused practice, we will have a guided practical, outlined on the worksheet, on topological defects and the dynamics of phase transitions as applied to physical, biological and social systems.


Simon DeDeo

Some influential views on emergence

Background concepts, tools and techniques

Many different fields invent similar tools to study emergent phenomena; browse through these below as you like, following in greater depth those that fit your skill set and interests.

Useful, but not directly related

James O'Dwyer

Predicting patterns in biodiversity

Renormalization group analysis of small world network model

Holographic models for condensed matter physics

O'Dwyer Lecture 1
O'Dwyer Lecture 2

Iain Couzin

(Content from the 2009/2010 Wikis)

Lecture Slides
Iain's Lecture Slides