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Complex Systems Summer School 2011 Modules

Organized by Jim Crutchfield


  • T. Cover and J.Thomas, Elements of Information Theory, Wiley, Second Edition (2006) Chapters 1 - 7.
  • M. Li and P.M.B.Vitanyi, An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and its Applications, Springer, New York (1993).
  • J. P. Crutchfield and D. P. Feldman, “Regularities Unseen, Randomness Observed: Levels of Entropy Convergence”,CHAOS 13:1 (2003) 25-54.

Lecture Notes

  • Thursday
    1. Processes and Their Models
    2. Information Theory
    3. Information in Processes
    4. Memory in Processes
  • Friday
    1. The Learning Channel
    2. Causal Models
    3. Measures of Complexity
    4. Applications


The Calculi of Emergence

Pattern Discovery and Computational Mechanics

Anatomy of a Bit


CMPy Notebook