Models of Emergent Behavior in Complex Adaptive Systems - Agenda

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Thursday, Dec. 6, Hotel Santa Fe

6:00pm-8:30pm Welcome reception and dinner

Friday, Dec 7, Santa Fe Institute

Theme: The Origins of Robustness and Protected Behavior in Biological, Physical, and Social Systems

8:15am Breakfast 8:55 am Introductory Remarks- D.Pines, LANL and UC Davis 9:00am Simon Levin, Princeton: 9:30am Discussion led by Alan Perelson, LANL 10:00am Arthur Lander, UCI 10:30am Discussion led by Phil Anderson, Princeton 11:00am coffee break 11:30am Charles Stevens, Salk Institute Noon Discussion led by John Hopfield, Princeton

12:30pm Lunch

2:00pm Geoff West, SFI 2:30pm Discussion led by Jose Onuchic, UCSD 3:00pm Peter Wolynes, UCSD: Landscapes in Matter 3:30pm Discussion led by Leo Kadanoff, Chicago 4:00pm Refreshment break 4:30pm General discussion on some future directions for

                 research led by John Hopfield and Jose Onuchic

5:30pm Adjourn

5:45pm Reception and dinner

Saturday, Dec. 8 Santa Fe Institute

Theme: The interplay between collective, cooperative, and competitive behavior in biological, physical, and social systems

8:15am    Breakfast

9:00am Bob Austin. Princeton 9:30am Discussion--led by Ka Yee Lee, Chicago 10:00am Daniel Cox, UC Davis 10:30am Discussion led by David Pines, UC Davis 11:00am Coffee break 11:30am Paul Chaikin, NYU: "Two from colloids: Irreversible

                flow at low Reynolds number--A Dynamical Phase
                Transition; and Toward Colloidal Self-Replication"    

Noon Discussion led by Mark Newman, Michigan

12:30 pm Lunch

2:00pm Robert M. Adams, UCSD: Some well-documented

                  instances of emergence in human history 

2:30 pm Discussion led by Kazuo Nishimura, Kyoto 3:00pm: Henry Wright, Michigan 3:30pm Discussion led by Jerome Sabloff, Pennsylvania 4:00pm Refreshment break 4:30pm General discussion on some future directions for

                  research led by Paul Chaikin and Henry Wright

5:30pm Adjourn 5:45pm Reception and dinner, SFI

Sunday, December 9 Santa Fe Institute

Morning theme: The emergence of macro-level behavior and phenomena from micro-level assumptions and data

9:00am Laura Ancel Myers, Texas 9:30am Discussion led by Mercedes Pascual, Michigan 10:00am Carl Bergstrom, Univ. of Washington 10:30am Discussion led by Carl P. Simon, Michigan 11am Brief coffee break 11:15am Future Directions for SFI and ICAM: Discussion led

                  by S. Levin and D. Pines 

12:30pm: Adjourn