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[[Media: naki.pdf| Modeling Dynamics and Uncertainty of Technological Change; Nebojsa Nakicenovic]]
[[Media: sfimagee.pdf| Progress Towards a "more useful theory" of Engineering Innovation; Chris L. Magee]]
[[Media: mokyr.pdf| Cultural Evolution, Innovation, and the Beginning of Modern Economic Growth; Joel Mokyr]]
[[Media: arthur.pdf| Technologies and Improvement; W. Brian Arthur]]
[[Media: mcd.pdf| Nuclear Power + Learning Curves = Frustration (squared); Alan McDonald]]
[[Media: aless.pdf| Technological Paradigms and Technological Trajectories; Alessandro Nuvolari]]
[[Media: nemetpres.pdf| Demand Subsidies vs. R&D: Comparing the uncertain impacts of policy on a pre-commercial low-carbon energy technology; Greg Nemet & Erin Baker]]
[[Media: 2008 SFI Tech Evolution.pdf| Patterns of Innovation; Douglas H. Erwin]]
[[Media: curves.pdf| Experience Curves: Theory and Practice (...and Stragegy); Tiha von Ghyczy]]

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