Measurement of Complex Networks

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Held McLean, VA

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Measurement of Complex Networks

Modern network science has made substantial progress in developing mathematically grounded techniques for analyzing network structure and its implications for network dynamics and function (for a comprehensive review, see Newman, M. "Networks: An Introduction", Oxford University Press, 2010). Network analysis has been used successfully over a range of applications, including technological, biological, and social networks. Such applications have frequently made use of network data that just happen to be available as a by-product of the networks themselves or of other scientific and technical inquiries. Examples include gene regulatory networks, internet routing, and social network data. This Business Network Topical Meeting will address the increasing opportunities to build in measurement into the design and implications of complex networks. What kinds of measurements are needed for what purposes? Does every node and every edge need extensive measurement instrumentation? Or can sampling approaches be successfully employed? The meeting will draw on the conclusions of a recent SFI workshop on power grids and network theory.