Life History and Ant-Plant Interactions

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Dear all,

Attached is some background reading as a starting point for our workshop. There are 2 short descriptions of research systems by workshop participants Megan Frederickson and Beth Pringle. In addition there are 6 papers.

Looking forward to seeing you and happy new year, Deborah

Participant Papers

  • Ant-Plants in the Peruvian Amazon by Megan Frederickson (PDF)
  • The Cordia alliodora mutualism by Beth Pringle


Other Papers

  • The Contribution of Ant-Plant Protection Studies to Our Understanding of Mutualism (PDF)
  • Nesting space limits colony size of the plant-ant Pseudomyrmex concolor (PDF)
  • Pursuing the big questions about interspecific mutualism: a review of theoretical approaches


  • Population Dynamics and Mutualism: Functional Responses of Benefits and Costs


  • Integrating quality and quantity of mutualistic service to contrast ant species protecting FEROCACTUS WISLIZENI


  • Ant–plant–herbivore interactions in the neotropical cerrado savanna