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Day One Discussion Group Results:

Day One Network Activity Results:

Day Two Activity Results:

Online learning has led to increased job satisfaction, break through innovations, decreased unemployment and a sharp decline in world violence?

Group Members: Sherry Leeson, Alan Cheville, Kristen Eshleman

Headline: Online learning has led to increased job satisfaction, break through innovations, decreased unemployment and a sharp decline in world violence?

Steps in first year or two:
-Team researching increase on-line learning network between industry and academia?
-Intrinsic value, authenticity, self-regulation, self-efficacy and autonomy
-Build a network team, partner with Linked-In that connects, K-12, Higher Ed and Industry that on-learning that focuses on authenticity, self-regulation and self-efficacy:
-Build Platform
-Design the network
-Design learning methods (give each sub team intent and boundaries); include geographic diversity; need intelligence in the platform
-Data analytics (network intervention to help prevent clustering leading to negative outcomes) ; education experts; industry experts; administration experts; practitioners; researchers; marketing/communications (Linked-In))

Design Goals/Architecture
A tool that allows pathways through entire education and job pathway to be mapped out and explored. Students can map out a potential pathway and others on the network can comment on their choices and even discuss what salary and work life would be like if that path was followed. Sort of like an on-line marketplace. Anonymity and protection are built in. The tool works both ways. Students can explore the impacts of short term and long term choices and get feedback on those choices. Schools and industry gets data on what choices students are considering and can rapidly intervene if the choices will limit longer term success. The platform also can suggest on-line learning modules that will cover gaps that may not be available in some schools.

Headline: Unemployment at record low, wages at record high due to improved complexity-based online learning platforms

Group Members: Daniel Seaton, Eric Klopfer, Lori Breslow

Approach for realization:
Build industry/employment relevant materials and courses
De-centralized model of programming instruction (creating a complex network around learning to program)
Experiments that reveal optimal cohorts of learners. How do we partner expert engineers with novice programmers? What are the optimal pairings?
Computer Science for America - recent graduates / industry engineers spend time teaching CS in rural schools.

Headline (in the future)
Industry and academia partnerships in digital learning advance education into the future

Group Members: Luke Nyswonger et al.

Three things we can do in the next year

Create a non-profit org with academic and industry members to inform and endorse job role paths.
Perform an industry sponsored MOOS user research study
Experiment to determine optimal cohort members