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'''Day One Discussion Group Results''' <br>
'''Day One Discussion Group Results:''' <br>

'''Day One Network Activity Results''' <br>
'''Day One Network Activity Results:''' <br>

'''Day Two Activity Results''' <br>
'''Day Two Activity Results:''' <br>

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Day One Discussion Group Results:

Day One Network Activity Results:

Day Two Activity Results:

Online learning has led to increased job satisfaction, break through innovations, decreased unemployment and a sharp decline in world violence?

Group Members: Sherry Leeson, Alan Cheville, Kristen Eshleman

-Team researching increase on-line learning network between industry and academia?
-Intrinsic value, authenticity, self-regulation, self-efficacy and autonomy
-Build a network team, partner with Linked-In that connects, K-12, Higher Ed and Industry that on-learning that focuses on authenticity, self-regulation and self-efficacy:
-Build Platform
-Design the network
-Design learning methods (give each sub team intent and boundaries); include geographic diversity; need intelligence in the platform
-Data analytics (network intervention to help prevent clustering leading to negative outcomes) ; education experts; industry experts; administration experts; practitioners; researchers; marketing/communications (Linked-In))