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Ari Bader-Natal, Principal Learning Architect at Minerva Project

Find a full list of Ari's latest publications here

Bader-Natal, A. and Lotze, T. Evolving a learning analytics platform. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge. ACM Press, 2011.

Daniel Seaton, VPAL Research Scientist, Harvard University

Find a full list of Daniel's latest publications here

Champaign, J., Colvin, K. F., Liu, A., Fredericks, C., Seaton, D., & Pritchard, D. E. (2014). Correlating skill and improvement in 2 MOOCs with a student’s time on tasks. Proceedings of the First ACM conference on Learning @ scale conference - L@S ’14 , 11-20.

David Pritchard, Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics, MIT

Find a full list of David's latest publications here

Measuring student learning with item response theory Young-Jin Lee, David J. Palazzo, Rasil Warnakulasooriya and David E. Pritchard. (Phys. Rev. ST Phys. Educ. Res, 4, 010102 (2008))

Yuan Elle Wang, Researcher of Cognitive Studies with a concentration in Intelligent Technologies and Learning Analytics at Columbia

Find a full list of Elle's latest publications here

Baker, R.S., Wang, Y., Paquette, L., Aleven, V., Popescu, O., Sewall, J.,... , Bergner, Y. (2016) A MOOC on Educational Data Mining. To appear in Zaiane, O., ElAtia, S., Ipperciel, D. (Eds.) Data Mining and Learning Analytics in Educational Research. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.

Eric Klopfer, Santa Fe Institute External Faculty; Professor/Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Urban Studies & Planning/Scheller Teacher Education Program

Find a full list of Eric's latest publications here

Books: 1. Klopfer, E., J. Haas and H. Jenkins (2012). The More We Know: NBC News, Educational Innovation, and Learning from Failure. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. 2. Klopfer, E. (2008). Augmented Learning – Research and Design of Mobile Educational Games. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. 3. Colella, V., E. Klopfer, and M. Resnick. (2001). Adventures in Modeling: Exploring Complex, Dynamic Systems with StarLogo. Teachers College Press.

Paper: Conrad, S., Clark-Midure, J. and E. Klopfer (2014). A Framework for Structuring Learning Assessment in a Massively Multiplayer Online Educational Game: Experiment Centered Design. International Journal of Game Based Learning.

Lori Breslow, Founding Director Emeritus - Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management