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Microsoft Participants


Santa Fe Institute Participants

Caterina De Bacco, Postdoctoral Fellow, Santa Fe Institute

Gabby Beans, Manager of Online Education, Santa Fe Institute
Gwen Warniment, Inquiry Science Education Consortium Program Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation

Juniper Lovato, Director of Education, Santa Fe Institute

Nikki Pfarr, Design Researcher
Nikki Pfarr is a design researcher who specializes in helping product development teams combine insights from behavioral science with design thinking, to develop innovative products and services. She's supported innovation centers in companies like Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and T-Mobile, with an emphasis on projects related to education, healthcare, and productivity. Recent work has focused on the role of play in learning, incentive strategies to promote engagement in online programs, and how new technologies can enable social and emotional learning. Nikki received an SB in Comparative Media Studies from MIT, and an MDes from the IIT Institute of Design.

Boeing Participants