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# Fabian
# Fabian
# Elissa
# Elissa
# Erwin

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Complex Systems Summer School 2019

Dan Larremore Workshop

Monday, June 24 @ 3:15pm in the conference room.

During lectures on networks and hierarchies, we discussed how a network representing the outcomes of discrete choices—Which wine is preferred? Swipe right or swipe left? Which team won the match?—can be used to find a ranking. In this workshop, we'll apply these methods by tasting, comparing, and ranking dozes of different salsas to find the most delicious. We'll also discuss topics like tournament design, adaptive tournaments, and the difference between a marketing study of salsa quality and a bracket-based tournament like the World Cup.


  1. JP
  2. Andrew Gillreath-Brown
  3. Ritwika
  4. Ernest
  5. Aabir
  6. Alec
  7. Brennan
  8. Fabian
  9. Elissa
  10. Erwin