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Greetings and Salutations!

Jon Cannon

My name is Jonathan Cannon. I graduated Brown in math/computer science, and now I am a first-year math PhD student in the Biodynamics Group at Boston University.

Email: cannon [at] bu [dot] edu

Main Interests

I am interested in the dynamical systems perspective on living and life-like systems. I want to study the interplay between network architecture and dynamics -- the ways in which network structures constrain dynamics, and the ways in which dynamical processes modify the structure of networks. I am also fascinated by rhythms, in biological systems and otherwise, and the ways they interact. Ultimately, I want to contribute to the mathematical and conceptual language available to discuss the general processes underlying the formation and function of biological systems.

Side Interests

  • Music: I play the fiddle incessantly given any opportunity
  • Teaching
  • Climbing of rocks and trees


My background in math and computer science should prove useful at some point. I program proficiently, and I approach every problem that holds my attention for long enough with a mathematician's characteristic obsessive drive towards complete understanding. I jump at every opportunity to draw parallels between things I know and things I don't yet understand, and even when I am completely wrong it often proves a valuable exercise.

Hopes for CSSS?

I want to absorb the diverse perspectives of my teachers and students and gather new problem-solving tools. Hopefully, CSSS will also be a good environment for me to start thinking about my future research and my career path.

Project ideas?

I want to run exciting simulations, and then use math to understand the results. What simulations? You tell me! I've had my head up my math for a very long time. Now I want someone to show me something new! As long as it's a project well-suited to my theoretical bent, I'm excited to help out however I can.