Jesse Lasky

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Hello my name is Jesse Lasky and I am a PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin, USA, in the Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior program. My research focuses on spatial heterogeneity in ecology. That is kind of vague, but I have been working on a variety of problems. I have worked on spatial variation in bird and primate abundances, and trying to understand the multi-scale environmental factors associated with such variation. I am currently researching tropical tree communities, and trying to understand the importance of dispersal and environmental limitation on local community composition and succession. Additionally I am working on network models of habitat connectivity in an attempt to determine the influence of roads. I am interested in statistical and theoretical issues in ecology as well.

I received my BA in Biology from Kenyon College and I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. I enjoy outdoors everything, y hablo espanol e falo portugues and I am really excited to meet so many people from other countries. Also I am interested in traveling for a week after the school, in case anyone else is also interested let me know.