Jarrod J Scott

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015


I am a microbial ecologist and postdoc at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. My main interest is in exploring and developing new methods to understand ecological and evolutionary processes shaping community structure and function across the spectrum of the small to large manifestations of life.

Interests at the CSSS 2015:

--Investigate new ways of exploring genomic and/or microbial community space. Unlike traditional ecology, which is deeply rooted in visual observation, microbial communities and genomes do not exhibit 'recognizable' forms. Therefore, this is largely an Information based science. I have access to numerous types of datasets (genomic, metagenomic, community) and am looking to work with anyone interested in exploring this data and identifying any underlying order, somewhat independent of biology.

--I am also interested in applying genomic/ecological approaches to other systems. I am interested (but have no expertise) in the underlying order of music, language and math. Can biological approaches be used to find interesting patterns in these and other systems.

Other interests:

--Knots & rope construction --Association rules and --Biological Networks --Symmetry in genomics --Chladni plates and harmonics --Visualization as a search strategy to explore genomes