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I am a postdoc at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. My research is focused on identifying core microbial assemblages in marine systems, specifically host-microbe mutualisms and communities at deep-sea vent sites. My graduate work involved work on microbial communities in insect systems including ants, bees, and beetles. My approach is to leverage next generation sequencing, coupled with bioinformatics and network theory to uncover assemblages that are functionally unified and adapted to specific habitats. I am interested in exploring the underlying processes that drive the establishment and organization of microbial assemblages. I am very excited about exploring different types of complex systems and am equally excited about the prospect of establishing unconventional collaborations that span traditionally disparate disciplines. I believe that such partnerships can lead to the development of innovative concepts necessary to interpret biological phenomena.
I am a microbial ecologist and postdoc at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.

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