Integrating Evolutionary Theory into Cancer Biology - How to Prepare

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How to prepare and what to expect:

We all have many opportunities to attend conferences where we take turns describing our completed research. The special role of the Santa Fe Institute, and of this Working Group, is to foster extended dialog and conversations. None of the participants will be asked to describe their past research in a talk. Instead, we will make available on this web site the key published papers (by participants and others) that will bring us all up to speed on the completed science, and will provide the background for our discussions about where the field should go from here. I encourage participants to use the posted paper to fill in any gaps in their background knowledge of the topics to be discussed. This will help us minimize the time spent on reaching the current frontiers of knowledge, and allow us to focus on strategies for pushing back those frontiers. Instead of giving a prepared talk, participants will be invited to lead a discussion on a topic of their choosing, such as a question or an approach they believe is important in successfully applying evolutionary theory to cancer biology.

In preparation, you are urged to download and look at the papers posted on this web site under the heading "background papers", reading in more depth those that are unfamiliar to you.