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I'm a PhD student in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at the University of Melbourne, Australia. I am also a student member of MASCOS, an Australian inter-university complex systems research group.

My research is the study of wireless sensor networks. In particular, the study of stochastic behaviour of greedy data-routing algorithms, and the effects of implementing stochastic power-consumption schemes. I did my undergrad in physics (when I learnt of the Santa Fe Institute) and some electronic engineering before moving over to applied mathematics. I have some knowledge of stochastic processes, and I have experience with a varied range of applied maths. I do most of my work in Matlab, though I have used Java in the distant past, and plan to do some of my work in C++.

I'd like to simply bounce some research ideas of people. I'd also like to employ agent-based modelling to verify some of our theoretical results. Ideally, I would like to do a small project that entails studying the stochastic effects of a power or routing scheme in a sensor network by using complex system modelling techniques.

My personal interests/activities include: reading, history, science, geography (I have been known to visit wiki from time to time :), movies, travelling, rock-climbing (very occasionally nowadays), playing pool, and having a drink with friends.

I hear Santa Fe is a great city, and I look forward to the summer school.