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*[ Robi's Meager Collection]
*[ Robi's Meager Collection]
*[ Ryan's Collection]
*[ Ryan's Collection]
*[|Some of Kate's Photos]
*[ Some of Kate's Photos]

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SFI Cat Cam

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Nerd Hat

Help fill in the history of this great and historic tradition.

  • Holders
    • Chris Cameron (for bringing a "happy hacker" keyboard, trackball and numeric keypad)
    • Ryan (for using linux)
    • Ryan (for comparing Rand to Aristotle using an analogy from Tolkien - Rand:Aristotle::Orcs:Elves)
    • Jolie (bringing up the "food-web" lecture in a discussion of snapping turtles eating dogs.)
    • Robi (for complaining that Wiley E Coyote did not simply revise his failed attempts at catching the Road Runner in line with the scientific method.)
    • Chris Cameron (for asking if everyone has been following a thread on Slashdot.)

Banned for Life

  • Del Charro Saloon
  • Teahouse (for eating an orange)
  • Zoezoe ("Excuse me sir, is that a dog?")